Our Product

Our product

Coffee Gayo Aceh

coffee that comes from Aceh-Indonesia which has the world’s best quality. we have 10 variants of coffee beans and 12 variants of roasted coffee and coffee powder.

Outdoor Furniture

furniture made of metal, aluminum, teak wood with the best models in the world. our products include chairs, tables, folding chairs, armchairs, benches, round tables, glass tables, planters and pool furniture.

Chicken Nugget

Processed chicken that can be eaten anytime without the need for reliable cooking skills. there is a large selection of products both in terms of taste and size

Snack, Biscuit and Candy
snacks to get rid of your boredom and sleepiness. with various variants and flavors. we present snacks that are liked by many people

We have pillow products with 2 materials, namely hollow siliconizer fiber and nano fiber, with different levels of comfort for each pillow.

RBD Coconut Oil and CFAD

We provide RBD coconut oil and Coconut Fatty Acid Distillate which can be adjusted based on your needs and specifications.